Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Gone Til November

Real baseball's finally back in full swing and winter me has been put on the shelf. Yesterday was the start of a six month long all-consuming ride. From here on out it's all baseball.

I love that we got to open in Florida. It hardly felt like a road game watching the Mets all smile and wave to the fans and hearing the crowd go nuts for Santana. It's like Shea South.

Johan pitched beautifully, we couldn't have asked for much more from his first start. Seven innings, three hits, eight strikeouts. He looked like everything we've been waiting for. And we should all thank the baseball gods for that, because this is New York and you know all the haters are just waiting for anything bad to jump all over. One game and already I feel like he's been a Met forever. He looks so natural in that uniform, and from pitching to hanging in the dugout to fielding questions he just seems right at home. "I wasn't trying to do anything different than just try to be myself."

In the fourth the Mets set a new opening day record with a six run inning with contributions by Carlos Beltran, new baseball boyfriend Angel Pagan, Jose Reyes and David Wright. After all the injuries this spring the offense it was good to see (mostly) everyone out there and doing their part. Even B-Schneid is starting to grow on me. From David Wright: "Today we were able to put it all together. We were able to do everything we wanted."

So one win is in the books. The first of what should be many for Johan, and a fresh start for everyone around from last year. The Mets 2008 season is officially underway. It may just be one of 162 but it's feeling like the start of big things.

Opening Day around baseball:

After Miguel Cabrera's first homerun as a Tiger he had a handshake with just about every one in the dugout. I'm not going to lie, I was impressed.

The Rangers lost their opener to the Mariners. That's what happens when you give up Fonzie, serves you right.

The Yankees and the Cardinals both got postponed by rain. That has to be a good omen, right?

And former Mets were representing:

Carlos Gomez had two hits, two stolen bases and scored two runs in his debut for the Twins, a 3-2 victory over the Angels. Way to go baby Carlos. I hope this is the beginning of a beautiful future in Minnesota.

Xavier Nady had a monster game for the Pirates with two homers, four RBI and four runs scored in a 12-11 extra innings win over the Braves. The legend of the X man lives on.

And Lastings Milledge hit a two run homer in the Nationals win over the Phillies. As painful as it is because I wish he was still a Met, I do want to see Lasto do well. Broken hearts hurt but they make you strong.

[Shawn Green was looking good as a retired person. -Cheese] Sigh.

First St. Pedro day of the year tonight. I'll sadly be missing the start but I have full faith in our "second #1 guy" to bring it home. Come on Picasso, let's get the year started right.

And um, SNY? Maybe now that we've got one game out of the way you can stop bringing up the collapse every five seconds? Please? Kthxbai.

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