Sunday, April 20, 2008

Well That Sucked

After Reyes hit that triple I really thought the Mets were going to pull this one off tonight. I hate losing to that team. I know we can't sweep every series, but when its the Phillies it just stings so much more. As much as I feel like I've moved on from last year it's still hard to just brush off a loss here and there. I know it is still really early, and hopefully as the season moves on they'll be easier to shake off. But right now, especially when they constantly bring up last September, there are too many bad Philly vibes lingering. And every time I see that Phanatic dance I just want to punch it in its giant green nose.


Brooklyn said...

I hate the Philly Phanatic!!!!!!!!

Brooklyn said...

(He's so scary and mean.... and rude!)

Dieta said...

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