Thursday, April 10, 2008

Send Us An Angel

Angel Pagan, it's so good to have you back home where you belong. When they made the deal to bring him back this winter I had a feeling we were going to fall fast for him, and he has not disappointed. He looked great right from the start this spring, and so far this season he just seems to keep finding ways to come through in the big spots. And with Jose Reyes struggling so hard to redeem himself for last season it was great to see him score the winning run tonight. (And he did score. Stop whining Phillies). After the game when they asked Angel about getting mobbed by his teammates in the celebration he said "That's just part of a game winning RBI. I'll take it. Come beat me up any time." I think a 12th inning walkoff was just what we all needed tonight. Hopefully it helps put a little of the swagger back in this team. The Mets officially have a winning record against the Phillies this season. Now maybe they can finally stop bringing up games we lost last year and focus on 2008.

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will said...

i am officially in love with this man. moises a-who?