Tuesday, April 21, 2009

All I Ever Wanted

Yesterday for my birthday I got to destroy the Philly Phanatic.
Well, the Phanatic in pinata form anyway. Courtesy of my uberrad little sister, my fantasy of taking a bat to that evil monster was fulfilled.
OK, so maybe I'm not over the past two years yet... don't judge me!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Real Baseball!!!

This weekend, finally, I got to take in some real live baseball. On Friday I visited the brand new House of Evil, decked out in my Mets shoes, cap and jersey complete with my 'Jesus Hates the Yankees' t-shirt.

I got to check out the new stadium, trash talk with Yankee fans, and most importantly got to see our old friend Joe Smith!

My little Smitty! I miss him so...

On Saturday we saw our very first Mets game at New Shea. We started the day meeting the incredibly sweet Alyssa Milano at the new Touch store.

She signed Brooklyn's copy of her new book Safe at Home and seemed genuinely happy to hear how much she loves it. And it is refreshing to have a Mets shop for women without a single pink item in sight.

It was a very strange feeling to be in the new park and not feel completely at home at a home game. It was exciting to be in our section and sit in out new seats for the very first time.

David Wright bear and David Wright human both looked completely at home.

They asked fans to text in their favorite things about the new ballpark. My favorite answer was "the mets play here." Because really, what else do we need?

Professor Reyes made a triumphant return.

Santana, aka God, looked incredible as usual, going seven shutout innings.

JJ Putz came on to pitch a scoreless eighth, and had the whole dugout laughing afterwards.

I was most excited to see my new love Francisco Rodriguez, and he did not dissapoint.

Such a great win our first time in the new stadium has to be a sign, right? Only good things to come here.

Monday, March 30, 2009

I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here

This Sunday we got to experience Shea 2.0 for the first time and it was beautiful. It was bittersweet knowing the place that was home for my entire life no longer exists but I started to fall in love with the new stadium from my first step inside.

A little piece of the Polo Grounds.

The Jackie Robinson rotunda.
It helped that it was rainy.
Cupholders! I might make it through a season without someone's beer all over my feet.

I want to dance with Mr. Met!

The bullpens are right on top of each other which should make for some great trash talk this year and also gives the Mets a leg up when a fight breaks out.

The new home run apple didn't feel like popping up yet.

A little Shea could still be found...

It was a definitely a weird feeling to be a tourist in our own stadium. And part of me will always miss Shea. But I know once I have some new memories here it will start to feel just like home. Seeing the new stadium made me even more excited for real Mets baseball to begin.