Friday, April 11, 2008

Welcome Home Nelson

What a job tonight by Brooklyn's own Nelson Figueroa to earn his very first win in a Mets uniform. And could this guy make it any easier to root for him? Almost always it seems players just have to put the fan in them on the shelf, but Nelson is such a true Mets fan at heart and has let everyone know it. It was so endearing to watch his entire family (packed into Billy Wagner's suite) cheering him on and listen to his father talk about how proud he was. You could tell it was such an emotional night for everyone. Nelson called the game a dream come true. After playing everywhere from Mexico to Taiwan, he's finally made it home to the team that first drafted him. And after all that, he still gets called kid. Tonight was the kind of feel good game I just want to hold on to and remember when baseball starts to bring me down. I'll just look back on Nelson's teammates and coaches congratulating him and watching him point up to his family and it will make me smile.

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