Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Pelfness: Catch It

Great job by the Big Pelf tonight to beat the Phillies for his first win of 2008. You could tell by that big grin in the dugout he was relieved to get that first win under his belt quickly. When Omar Minaya was talking about him in the booth he kept calling him Michael Pelfrey. It made me smile because it reminded me of a kid's parent who always insists on using their full name. It was great to see the kid looking so good out there, especially considering the word on El Duque. The Mets are going to be counting on him to hold it down this season, and it really feels like he's going to step it up and come through in a big way. The Mets putting up eight runs didn't hurt either. Watching the Phillies defense reminded me of my dog playing with his toy when he can't hold on to it and gets confused because he doesn't know where it went. Jorge Sosa looked good in relief, Pedro Feliciano made me sweat a little but got out all right, and Carlos Muniz pitched a solid ninth inning. All together it was a perfect bounce back from yesterday. Hopefully tomorrow John Maine comes through, we take the series and everyone can relax a little.

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