Wednesday, April 30, 2008

It Is Still April

...and the Mets are already giving me an ulcer. They can't ever make it easy can they? Games should not be this stressful so early on.
Johan Santana wasn't at his best tonight, but he struck out seven and kept the Pirates to just two hits (both home runs) through 5 2/3 innings. Big props to the little kid in the bleachers who threw Jason Bay's home run ball back in the fourth inning. You make me proud to call myself a Mets fan. Ryan Church tied the game with a two run shot and made it just a little bit harder for me to hate him. It figures that the one guy I truly dislike on the entire team has been our best hitter thus far. After struggling at the plate all night David Wright came through to win it with a just fair single to send home Endy Chavez in the 11th inning. The Mets wasted some opportunities tonight but they stayed in it all night and fought til the end.

It was good to see Moises Alou back in the dugout tonight. It should be a major lift to the offense to get him back in the lineup in a few days. Get well soon, Schneid, we need you back too. Jose Valentin was in the lockerroom visiting his teammates before the game and hopes to be ready to play by the end of May. So many injuries, sometimes I forget who's still a Met.

After the game tonight Johan Santana spoke about how he understands that the fans want to see the team win but they are human beings and it can hurt to hear the boos. I hate that he's been a Met for such a short time and already he's feeling that. I know it's been talked to death at this point, but I really do think we need to lay off with the booing. Aside from anything else, it's just never made anyone play better. Shea Stadium shouldn't be such a hostile atmosphere, this is not Philadelphia. Please, let's direct the animosity towards the other teams where it belongs.

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