Monday, March 31, 2008

Leaving the Past

Last year when our playoff tickets arrived there was so much hope and excitement in holding a World Series ticket in my hands. After things fell apart, it just didn't seem right to unceremoniously throw away something that loaded. So I held onto them and they've been staring at me, haunting me all winter. This morning it was time to put them to rest. They needed a dramatic exit from the world. They had to be set on fire.

So I gathered them up along with some other painful momentos of all that wasn't in 2007. Tickets from all the losses against the Phillies. Tom Glavine's page ripped out of the yearbook. And my ticket from that game. The last game of the season and the worst day in my life as a Mets fan.
Every reminder of the heartbreak of last season turning to smoke was a beautiful sight. I feel like the demons of 2007 have finally been vanquished and I can move on. In just a few short hours I'll be out watching Johan Santana's very first start real start as a Met. After the winter that felt like it would never end the 2008 season is finally upon us. The past's the past, today we start new.

Let's go Mets!


Anonymous said...

Opening Day Pre-Game Report: Greetings from Gator Country!

Orange and Blue isn't such a strange site in this part of the country. Think U of F Gators: NCAA Basketball champs 2006 & 2007; NCAA Football champs 2006 and more Olympic swimmers than you can remember. But today, at the mile marker 63 rest stop on Alligator Alley the orange and blue wasn't for the was all about the Mets. On this sunny 83 degree day, "Lets Go Mets" could be heard as fans greeted each other after what looked be be some serious driving. One couple had driven from Sarasota (about a 3 hour drive) to see the game. Another more "senior" Met fan (think your Dad) proudly wore a 41 on his back while the younger fans sported Reyes, and other like attire. I tried to phone this report in, in case you wanted on the spot interviews but I think the Mama Met must have been busy with B'klyn and alas no answer on the cells.

Hold on NY, I can guarantee baseball is being played today in South Florida and it's on the way to NY.

Megan said...

Thanks for the report! Great to hear the Mets are well represented down in Florida, it definitely sounded that way during the pregame introductions. Wish I was there now :)

MP said...

Oh man I would have paid for one of the phantom WS tix...I'm still looking for one of the 2000 WS Champs shirts that I know were printed.

Megan said...

I think considering what we know now about the 2000 Yankees we could all wear those shirts with pride.

Itsmetsforme said...

wow. that's dedication to the art of blogging.

Megan said...

I probably would have had the fire even without the blog, I'm just that crazy when it comes to the Mets.