Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy 2008!

The date January 1st means nothing to me. For baseball fans, a new year doesn't really start until the new season does. So I was up at six, armed with plenty of black coffee, ready to watch the Red Sox take on the A's and ring in the new year. It was crazy to be watching a game before the sun even came up. I was feeling nervous for Daisuke the entire time. I should not get this stressed out over games not involving the Mets, but I do. We had to leave the game on mute, because no one should be subjected to Steve Phillips that eary in the morning (or ever). But I did get the sound back on when Papelbon came in to see if they would play Shipping Up To Boston. They did, which was almost as awesome as everyone over there knowing the Jose-Jose-Jose chant. They should start airing the Japanese games over here, because if every morning could start with breakfast and baseball, life would be good. I think we could be a more productive country, they should look into that. It was great to finally be watching a meaningful game, one that can't be brushed off as just spring training, one that counts towards something. And an edge of your seat, extra inning affair and a Red Sox win to boot. The 2008 season is finally underway. Happy opening day everybody!

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