Saturday, March 15, 2008

Oh My Stars

Read these stories about Carlos Beltran finally becoming a father and if you're a sap like me, prepare to cry. After his wife Jessica suffered two miscarriages, on October 26th they were overjoyed to welcome a healthy baby girl to the world. “It used to be the two of us,” he said. “Now we’re three, and I’m the third-most important one.” Everyone around him has witnessed a change and see a happier, younger Beltran. After watching his tough adjustment to New York and all he's been through as a Met, it's been amazing to see Carlos looking this happy and comfortable all spring. During the game the other day Kevin Burkhardt asked him about being a father and he really did just beam, it was the biggest smile I've ever seen him wear. When he speaks about his daughter he just radiates this pride and love for his family. According to the Times article he brought baby Ivana around the clubhouse to show her off and Wednesday morning watched in awe as she played with Carlos Delgado's son. “Ivana’s almost five months, and she’s just this wonderful little person. Looking at her, I wonder where all the time went.”

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Coop said...

Thanks for linking to this story. Just makes me realize what a sensitive and private guy Beltran actually is. We seem to forget that these are not machines but humans who have feelings. i also wrote a piece on Schoeneweis today, about his NYT piece today. He said something to the effect about how the boos and jeers affected his performance but he decided to bite the bullet and become stronger. Good for him. I named him one of Coop's Keys to the season!