Friday, March 28, 2008

It's Been A Bad Day

That's my boy Cuckoo limping off the field after he got hurt, still putting on a brave face for the fans. When a fan yelled down to ask if he was all right, he turned around, flashed a big smile, motioned not to worry and said "I'm OK." And now he's a Brave. It's just not right. I will always remember him play boxing with Reyes and Gomez and clowning around in the dugout with Ollie and John Maine. Who's he going to be friends with now, Jeff Francouer? Gohead is way too cool for Jeff Francouer. Shame on you Mets for making Ruben cry. "I thought I did a good job last year," Gotay said with tears in his eyes. "I didn't think I deserved this." You did do a good job Ruben, and I won't forget it. You stepped up and surprised us all when we needed it. Even though you have to play for that evil team down south now, I'll still be rooting you on.

UPDATE: It was that mole Tom Glavine who told the Braves to get Gotay. I knew he was a spy all along! I hate you Tom Glavine, I HATE YOU. Just waste years of my life posing as a Met while you gather up information to take back to your real team you bum. Now you just took it too far stealing my Gotay. Karma's going to come back and bite you.

Yesterday the Texas Rangers officialy announced the release of Edgardo Alfonzo. We knew he was a long shot to make the team from the start, but he had a good spring and we were holding out hope that he'd play AAA for them for a while and get called up when someone got hurt. As I'm writing this, the Family Guy episode where Peter starts the Church of the Fonz came on. I'd like to think that's a sign. Hopefully he'll find a way to keep on going like he always seems to. Fonzie be praised!

And to top it all off I've been sick the past couple of day with some sort of flu thing I can't shake. This sucks for two reasons. One because I feel miserable, but more importantly I cannot be sick on opening day. Not because I would skip it, of course I'll still go. But I need to get better before then because I was sick at my first game last year and we all know how that ended. Crazy superstitious? Yes. But you just can't risk these sort of things.

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