Sunday, February 17, 2008

To Jimmy Rollins: WE Are The Team To Beat

"Let me tell you this: Without Santana, we felt as a team we have a chance to win in our division. With him now, I have no doubt that we're going to win in our division. I have no doubt in that. We've got what it takes. We have good chemistry as a team. He fits great because he's a great guy. He's one of the best pitchers in the game. Who doesn't want to have him on any ballclub? So this year, to Jimmy Rollins, we are the team to beat."

Carlos Beltran, you're my hero. Man am I ever glad you decided to show up early to spring training this year. And yes, I remember how angry we all got last year when a certain shortstop in Philadelphia was expressing similiar sentiments. But Carlos Beltran is a Met. The uniform makes a world of difference. When it's coming from Jimmy Rollins it's obnoxious. When it's coming from Carlos Beltran it's exactly what I'm looking to hear. It's my right as a fan to be hypocritical. It's ok, I can own it. And how much do you love that of all people, it's quiet, reserved Carlos Beltran to bust out the big quote like this before the season even begins? When asked about the reaction he'd get in Philly: "I don't care. They booed me in Houston. One more park won't make a difference." Awesome. In my book, the more fuel he can add to the Mets/Phillies rivalry, the better. He's already made it clear he's not going to back down on this one, and I have faith he's going to make good on it out on the field.


It's great to see the level of excitement Johan's brought to camp already. The team's swagger is back in full force and you can feel it. From Pedro: "I'm extremely happy to have Johan over here. I can breathe. It's like a big glass of cold water when you're really thirsty. That's how bad we wanted Johan, and I'm glad he's on our side. He's somebody that now everybody can rely on." Every single story to come out of spring training is making me that much more excited for real baseball to begin.

Associated Press

Paul Lo Duca has issued an apology to his family, fans and the baseball community for his involvement in the Mitchell Report, and Church of the Fonz is seriously considering taking him off notice. Personally, I would like to believe it's coming from a real place. And people make mistakes, right? On the other hand, he did make Brooklyn cry, and she's just not ready to forgive and forget.

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As much as I've enjoyed watching that bum Clemens suffer through the congressional hearings this week, some details I just did not need to know. I'd like to add "abscess on Roger Clemens buttocks" to the list of phrases I could live without ever hearing again. It's right up there with "tom glavine," "the Collapse," "kirk radomski," "boys will be boys," and "26 championships."

Also be sure to check out The Onion for some points on Johan Santana that we may have overlooked.


Coop said...

I just wonder if Beltran took testerone pills or something or got a sex change LOL. The BP moniker is now off. I just hope he puts his money where his d*ck is. Jimmy Rollins came through big time. Like I said on MSF, I won't mind if Beltran wins MVP. He just has to stop being a poochie.

Megan said...

Wherever this new Carlos came from, I just hope he sticks around.

MP said...

Rollins made the most outs in the NL last year (or was at least in the top 2 I'm too lazy to double-check). He was no better than the 7th or 8th player in the league...I think I posted about it at some point.

Love the name of the blog too...I occasionally rock the #13 Fonzie t-shirt to Shea in between the Ordonez and Henderson.

Brooklyn said...

Paul LoDuca did make me cry! And come on, he was my first favorite baseball player and then I found out what a horrible guy he really is- it's gonna take awhile to forgive.
Also, Carlos always seemed so quiet and I am happy to finally see his true side come out loud and clear. I always knew it was there. I don't mind that I am such a hypocrite so, go Carlos!

Megan said...

mp- nothing can hold a candle to ketchup on your ice cream. best. name. ever.
and brooklyn- he is not a horrible person he just made some bad choices all right!

Brooklyn said...

Okay, okay. Maybe he's not SUCH a bad guy but come on! Everyone had to apologize though. You seriously have got me thinking about forgiving him... and then maybe forgetting him forever.