Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Cliff Floyd: Always A Met In Our Hearts

Cliff Floyd showed up to the Tampa Bay Devilless Rays camp on Saturday carrying his equipment in garbage bags and announced "That's how we roll." Knowing Cliff, I'm sure he'll find some fresh faced rookie to carry those bags for him in no time.
He told reporters he's not going to try to be Superman this year because they already have guys who are Superman, like Carl Crawford. "I just want to see these guys play as well as I've seen them play on TV and in person," Floyd said. "I want to be able to help. I want to be able to contribute, And make sure at the end of the day we all feel good about going home."
We miss you, Cornelius. Tampa Bay better be good to you.


MP said...

Cliff would look awfully good in RF right now with Church and Endy off the bench...

metsgrrl said...

Camden Yards is on our list of ballparks to visit this year, and we're going when the Devil Rays are in town... so we can see Cliff.

And I will wear my #30 jersey.