Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Bizarro Mets!

"No more handshakes. People kept saying we got teams fired up when we did those handshakes, so now I want to focus more on baseball. When people see me in the dugout, and they see me not smiling, they'll be saying, 'What's wrong with Jose?' Nothing, I'm just going to be more serious this year."

So, Carlos Beltran is firing people up and Jose is going to be the quiet, serious one not cracking a smile in the dugout?

I think we've stepped into the Bizarro Mets. Up is down. Down is up. They'll say "Hello" when they leave, "Goodbye" when they arrive.

Shouldn't it be "Bad-bye? Isn't that the opposite of goodbye?"

No, it's still "Goodbye."

Can I come?

I... I'm sorry, we've already got a Shawn.


Brooklyn said...

Isn't Ryan Church being Shawn Green a little cruel? Though I had to laugh about this post the only thing I can think of saying is:


Megan said...

Ryan Church is bizarro Shawn Green because he is his opposite in all the worst ways.

Brooklyn said...

oh, sorry. I got confused
Ha ha?

MP said...

You need a post on Fonzie's comeback attempt with the Rangers.

will said...

hilarious. and i'm really gonna miss shawn.