Thursday, May 8, 2008

West Coast Trips Are Exhausting

So glad they'll be back home tomorrow. I mostly slept through all of Tuesday night's game, which I originally figured was a good thing after seeing the score. My grandpa used to say that any time you watch a baseball game you can always see something you've never seen before. Very true. When they said that Moises Alou stole home I thought I must have misheard. Could not believe it was true until they replayed the clip. This is why I can never skip games. Or sleep.

Hey Johnnycakes? Please stop beating your self up now, k? You did good kid. You can smile. Really, it's all right.

Early on in Wednesday's game, my Angel in the Outfield made an absolutely insane catch, toppling over into the stands but still coming up with the ball and a laugh. Somebody please put that video on youtube so that I can watch it every time I get down on the team. The offense didn't look too shabby either, putting up 12 runs. Nice to see the Mets smack Brad Penny around. I will always hate that man for trying to start with Shawn Green last year. It was kind of John Maine to bring a little joy to our lives by throwing at Jeff Kent. The Maine man looked amazing through 8 1/3 innings. He gave up just 4 hits and 1 run and allowed the bullpen relax for a day. And he even looked good with the bat, knocking in two runs! After Duaner got the final out, John had a pretty sweet looking handshake going in the dugout with Mike Pelfrey. Jose, watch your back, the pitchers are coming!

So the Mets went 3-3 against two of the hottest teams right now. Looking good. Let's keep it up against the Reds this weekend.

On the Reds, I saw this video of their mascot over at Hot Foot and was slightly traumatized. If I ever saw Mr. Met's head fall off I think I'd have nightmares. I'm still haunted by the image of the Philly Phanatic shooting him on Conan last year. I'm an adult, really.


will said...

what a cute picture that is.

i was also traumatized by mr. met being shot on conan last year. i thought it a great injustice to society. and last weekend they showed that arizona mascot (what is it, a beaver?) jousting with a mr. met lookalike, who ended up falling into the pool. i got irate, saying "that's not the real him! the real mr. met wouldn't go for any of these shenanigans!"

you could say i'm a little protective of the big lug.

Zoe said...

That's just plain a pic that makes you go Awwww.