Thursday, May 15, 2008

Curse of Nolan Ryan Strikes Again

I forgot there was a day game on today until I got the 'Are you watching the game? Turn the game on' call from my dad. I've been a Mets fan long enough I didn't even have to ask why, I knew exactly what that meant. Then as soon as I turn it on all I hear is 'no-hitter, no-hitter, no-hitter.' I was screaming at the TV, "Stop! You're going to jinx him, stop talking about it!!!" Since they were broadcasting from the upper deck today I was a little surprised that a fan didn't come and stop them. I still can't believe Pelfrey ended up with the loss after the way he pitched today. It's just not right. After the game he said "I'd rather give up 5 runs and we get the W."

My new hope is that the curse only applies to Shea Stadium, and after they knock it down the Mets will finally be able to get that no hitter. Maybe.


Anonymous said...

Lou says don't feel bad...the Cubs haven't won a World Series since 1908!

Anonymous said...

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