Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Subway Surfin

Best part of this picture: faces on the Yankee fans.

Last year going into the subway series I expected the Mets to dominate. This year I found myself thinking just don't embarass us completely, just win one. Between the Mets lackluster play lately and the drama in the clubhouse I haven't even been enjoying the Yankees being in last place. Watching the Mets knock the Yankees around these past two games has renewed my faith. Finally they're showing some sparks of life. Even when they got robbed of three runs yesterday, they fought back and ended up with eleven. And they actually looked like they were having fun out there.

Before I had the 99 Mets comeback win against the Yankees on and it reminded me of all the things I loved about that team. Even though in the end that season broke my heart I still look back and love them for the fire they played with, for how much fun they were to watch right til the end. I want to see these Mets play with that kind of passion all the time.

So much in this series really lifted my spirits. All the fist pumps around the bases, the handshakes, seeing Oliver Perez tip his cap to the Yankee stadium crowd of all Mets fans. This quote from John Damon (he forfeited the y when he signed with the Yankees) “They had a reason to be out there cheering. They ended up kicking our butts. It was pretty embarrassing.”

It was a good weekend. Now we just need to them to carry it into Atlanta. Please, please Mets, keep it up. Because losing to Tom Glavine might just be more that I can take.


Coop said...

I loved this recap (or as I call it on my site: reCoop! LOL). I esp love the dig on Yanks fans behind the Mets dugout LOL. Like you said, there were so many things to be happy about. Just want to see them annihilate Glavine today like he did to the Mets for the previous 4 years and take 3 of 4. I would be very happy with that

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