Thursday, June 12, 2008


Lately the Mets have just been bringing me down. In a brutal-pains me to watch-but can't look away-there are no words sort of way. So last night when poor Pelfrey's incredible effort went to waste and we went into extra innings, I just wanted it to end. I kept thinking please don't put me through another inning for another loss. Then in the 13th inning, this happened:And to further win my heart, after his walkoff homer Carlos Beltran told reporters that when the Mets lose he loses sleep because "How can you sleep when things are not going good? You go home, you think about the game, you think about how we can get better. That's part of it. There's a lot of people in here who care about it." How can anyone not love this man? I'm hoping against reason that this was the start of the Mets finally turning the season around. Maybe it was Marlon Anderson's master plan going into effect. I need to believe in this team again. I hate the fan this year's been turning me into. Just give me something. Because I know that even when I try, I can't give up and stop watching.

With all the roster moves lately it's been hard to keep up, but this guy I have a good feeling about. Chris Aguila has been fire knife dancing since the fifth grade. Badass. Sounds like someone who can handle himself in a pressure situation.

Watching David Wright's interviews recently it's like he's morphing into Peter Pan. He believes the Mets are a championship caliber team, really he does! If you believe in the Mets too they can get better. Clap your hands if you believe Mets fans, clap your hands!


Anonymous said...

davey boy as peter pan. that is priceless.

Brooklyn said...

I'm clapping! I'm clapping!

Brooklyn said...

Also, notice in the picture all the funny details, like someone's hand sticking up in the air trying to reach Carlos, and the umpire standing there wishing he could join the celebration.

Anonymous said...

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cy fort said...

I am Cornholio. I need TP for my bung hole.