Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thank God

David Wright and Jose Reyes... you're my heroes. After last night it was great to see the Mets jump all over the Mariners right from the start. Even after they scored eight runs in the first three innings, I was still stressed out for the entire game thinking they'd find a way to lose it. That's what this season's done to me.
The funniest moment of my night came when Ichiro came to bat and someone behind us started to cheer. The little boy sitting next to me stands up, points and shouts "A Seattle fan! They do exist!"
It definitely felt good to be there for a win like this tonight. I just hope they keep hitting like this against satan's team over the weekend. On the way home from the game someone stopped me to ask if the Mets won, and for once I got to say yes. He looked up in relief and said "Oh, thank God." Pretty much my thoughts exactly.